“They have the best selection of candy! There are so many cool gifts to buy for any occasion. They make custom gift baskets too with a personal touch.

The owners are awesome and very helpful.”

-Brian Persten, Facebook

“Excellent costumer service! Lots of nice gifts and free gift wrapping too. Very impressed with the selection of candies”

-Rhonda Vacanti, Facebook

“I am in love with Bulk in Bins of Delray! Great gifts, candy, cards and fabulous customer service! ”

-Alana Gordon, Facebook

“When into Bulk In Bins where I know they have a great selection of candy. I had my mother and my daughter with me. I love their homemade sugar-free chocolate clusters, and my daughter attacked their selection of jellybeans like it was her job. My mom bought stuff like designer napkins.

But here’s the thing.

The employees were so taken with my daughter, they wound up giving her the jellybeans for free. And this after my mom’s pocketbook accidentally knocked over and broke a cup.

These people are just plain nice and the candy is not to be beat anywhere.”

-Brian McLane, Facebook

“One of my favorite stores. Candy (including sugar free!), nuts, cards and gifts. The people are wonderful and the selection and prices are excellent.

This store can’t be beat!”

-Anthony Lang, Facebook

“This is a wonderful store to find a reasonably priced gift of any kind. Beth, the owner, takes pride in greeting everyone. Also they gift wrap.

Candy of all kinds (including sugar free), greeting cards, toys, trays and unusual glasswear can be found. You should take a look.”

-Cindy Z, Facebook

“Great prices and selection. Friendly staff.”

-Gerry Dayer